Shawn Tsao invests in Sans and joins as Advisor

Shawn Tsao invests in Sans and joins as Advisor

Shawn Tsao, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Caviar (acquired by Square), has made a strategic investment and joins as Advisor of Sans by Taejin Beverage ( first Asian-inspired alcohol-alternative beverage created by Kevin Kreider ( from Netflix hit series, Bling Empire (  


“Shawn has an amazing track record of founding and pushing a company to realize its full potential.  He founded and grew Caviar to a 7-figure annual revenue and profitability in 6 months, and exited with Square’s acquisition, all in the span of less than 3 years.” Kevin continued, “I have always admired Shawn’s incredible drive and execution.  His network in the food and beverage industry is phenomenal, not to mention his reputation in the investment and start-up space.  I am thrilled to have him help push Sans to maximize our brand exposure, market share and growth traction.”   


Kevin was introduced to me through my friend, Priscilla Lim.  When she mentioned Sans to me, I immediately saw its huge potential in the non-alcoholic market,” Shawn recalled.  “As a health advocate, I love the idea of ‘being part of the buzz without the booze’.  Kevin’s own journey on sobriety and his passion about Asian representation make this very compelling product.  I am most excited to be part of this venture.


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About Sans

Sans by Taejin ( is the first Asian-inspired and owned alcohol-alternative beverage, advocating a healthy lifestyle of sobriety and connectivity.  Created by Kevin Kreider ( from the Netflix hit series Bling Empire (, Sans represents Kevin’s personal values of strength, health, the confidence to live without.  Each flavor is an essence of an Asian culture, celebrated by its unique taste, infused with adaptogens and at only 10 calories.   Be a part of the buzz without the booze.