SANS By Taejin Beverage Inc Founded By Kevin “Taejin” Kreider Official Launch on October 5th, Along With Bling Empire Season 3

SANS By Taejin Beverage Inc Founded By Kevin “Taejin” Kreider Official Launch on October 5th, Along With Bling Empire Season 3

It’s finally here: Sans by Taejin Beverage,  the first Asian-themed alcohol-alternative beverage created by Kevin “Taejin” Kreider from Netflix hit series, Bling Empire.  The product launch hits the market with perfect timing: Bling Empire Season 3 will launch on October 5th, just a week later.  

Sans, named after its French root “without”, represents Kevin’s own journey and his mission of starting the conversation about sobriety.

“I regained my sobriety 6.5 years ago, after a tough and long battle with alcoholism.  It was a lonely and difficult journey, one I hope no one else will have to go through, alone,” Kevin recalled.  “I have been fortunate to be given all these amazing opportunities, through my huge network of support of family, friends and of course, my fans.  And now, I would like to give back by starting a conversation.  Hence, our tagline, ‘A Conversational Beverage’.”  

Kevin has another big message behind Sans: “As an AAPI member and one who has struggled over the years with my ethnic, and in my case, cultural, identity, I lived and breathed through the importance of representation.  With Sans, I created a different flavor for each of our dynamic, rich and diversified Asian communities,” Kevin spoke with pride.  “Our first two flavors hitting the market are Ginseng Apple Guava, inspired by the Korean culture of honor and humility, and Dragon Ginger, inspired by the Thai culture of strength and endurance.  These are my favorites – until the next favors come along,” Kevin smiled.

To realize his vision, Kevin has garnered a group of industry veterans, startup specialists, business professionals, and even flavor experts. 

Ben Kim, our incubation, and start-up advisor to Sans, is another successful serial entrepreneur. “When I heard about Sans from Kevin, I told him to count me in,” Ben said. “As an Asian American entrepreneur, I understand his message, his product and see the market potential.”  “Ben is a friend, a mentor and an excellent advisor.  I respect his wisdom, appreciate his support, and most of all, his humor,” Kevin quipped.  “He has got some of the best business acumen in the industry.  His vote of confidence means a lot to me.”

“Having spent decades in the beverage industry, I didn’t expect to be so excited about a new product launch,” says Bruce Langer, President of Langer Juice and Managing Director of Sonoma Beverage.  “When Kevin approached me about this opportunity, I immediately saw the potential and signed up.”  “Bruce is one of the most highly regarded veterans in the beverage manufacturing space.  I am truly grateful for his support and investment into this venture. With his experience and network, Sans is backed by a well-oiled infrastructure from manufacturing with the best ingredients to delivering the product seamlessly to our consumers and my fans,” Kevin said with excitement.

The media is abuzz with congratulations and celebrations, from his fellow castmates to industry friends.

Christine Chiu, his glamorous Bling Empire cast mate congratulated with true support, “Aesthetic plastic surgery is such a celebratory event. We’d love to have Sans, a delicious alcohol alternative, available for our patients at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc.”

A series of launch parties and events are on the calendar, starting with the Foodieland in San Mateo on September 23, ACE NextGen Unity Conference in Chicago in October, followed by parties hosted by Kevin in the hottest bars and restaurants, and of course Bling Empire’s Season 3 launch on October 5. 

Pre-order your Sans now on our website before our first run sells out.  After October 5th, Sans will also be available at selected outlets across the nation, including non-alcoholic beverage specialist Boisson’s California and New York outlets. 

For more information, sales and collaboration opportunities, please contact Doug Lui at

About Sans

Sans by Taejin Beverage ( is the first Asian-themed and owned alcohol-alternative beverage, advocating a healthy lifestyle of sobriety and connectivity.  Created by Kevin “Taejin” Kreider from the Netflix hit series Bling Empire, Sans represents Kevin’s personal values of strength, health, the confidence to live without.  Each flavor is an essence of an Asian culture, celebrated by its unique taste, infused with adaptogens and at only 10 calories.   Be a part of the buzz without the booze.

Drink Sans.  Do You.  Start the Conversation.